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Sage Bundles, Sweetgrass, Roots & Leaves, Kinnick Kinnick, and More...
Ceremonial, Children's, Contemporary, Flute, Powwow, Rock/Rap, and More...
Beads - Glass
Charlottes, Seed Beads, Crow Beads, Pony Beads, Fire Polish, Antique Trade, and More...
Books & Printed Goods
Beadwork, Quillwork, Patterns, Material Culture, Photography Dance & Music, AICC, and More...
Beads - Metal
French Brass, Solid, Hollow, and More...
Note Cards & Stationary
Christmas Cards, Note Cards, Stickers, and More...
Bead & Craft Supplies
Sinew, Needles, Thread, Looms, Tools, and More...
Craft Instruction, Dance Styles, Documentary, Pow Wow, and More...

Buckskin & Leather
Braintan, Buckskin, Spacers, Strap Leather, Thong, Rawhide, and More...
Furs, Hides, & Parts
Buffalo, Deer & Elk, Ermine, Fox, Porcupine, Rabbits, Genuine Sinew, and More...
Imitation Eagle, Bronze Turkey, Guinea Hen, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Peacock, Hackles, and More...
Claws & Teeth
Imitation Black Bear, Imitation Grizzly, Imitation Eagle, and More...

Fringe, Fabrics, & Tradecloth
Shawl Fringe, Trade Wool, Silk Ribbon
Lodge & Home
Pendleton Blankets,  Soap & Bath, Baskets, Pendleton Towels

Shells & Conches
Abalone Conches, Pink Conches, Cowrie, Dentalium, and More...
Bone, Horn, & Stone
Bone Hairpipe, Black Horn Hairpipe, Plastic Hairpipe, Beads, and More...
Caps, T-Shirts - Native Threads, T-Shirts - Mountain, and More ...
Metal Items
Conchos, Jingle Cones, Tin & Brass Cones, Tacks, and More...
Finished Goods
Dream Catchers, Tomahawks, Pipes, Bags, and More...
Hawk Bells, Sheep Bells, Sleigh Bells, and More...
Basket Kits, Flute Kit, and More...

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2016 Mountain T-Shirts
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2016 Mountain T's
New T-shirts from the Mountain are here! Check out all the designs.
Native Theads Caps
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Cool New Lids!
Fresh from Native Threads, these are two of the coolest cap designs we have ever had!
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Pendleton Accessories
New selection of Pendleton purses and travel goods.


Book Sale!
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Book Sale!
Save up to 78% on an a great selection of books. These are not permanent reductions so don't wait!


California White Sage
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California White Sage
Late fall rains have kept the season going. Great stock on all White Sage.


Pendleton Blankets
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Pendleton Blankets
We are an official retailer of Pendleton Woolen Mills blankets. More than 100 designs in stock and ready to ship. Blankets always make a great gift!