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The American Indian Parfleche

The American Indian Parfleche

A Tradition of Abstract Painting

by Gaylord Torrence

The parfleche a container of folded or sewn rawhide elaborated with painted designs and exposed surfaces constitutes one of the great traditions of abstract imagery created by American Indian artists. Gaylord Torrence reveals the quality and great diversity of this art form which was widespread in the western half of North America. He explains the origin and chronology of parfleches, and examines their aesthetic, symbolic, and utilitarian function. Over 125 of the finest examples of parfleches are reproduced here. Most of the pieces are previously unpublished and virtually all unknown. This has become a well-known reference work since it was first published.

This book is out of print and limited to stock on hand. All copies are in mint condition.

272 pp ~ 103 color photos ~ 45 b/w photos 1994



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CATEGORY: Material Culture

May 1994
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