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Honouring Tradition

Honouring Tradition

Reframing Native Art

by Glenbow Museum

Honouring Tradition: Reframing Native Art brings new perspectives to historical and contemporary Aboriginal art. To explore the diverse ways this art can be understood, the Glenbow Museum invited Aboriginal elders, leaders and artists to share their perspectives with non-Native museum staff. The resulting dialogue highlights the complexity of Aboriginal art from the Northern Plains to the sub arctic regions of Canada. Links to tradition, history and culture can be seen in artwork both old and new. From a lavishly beaded moss bag made in the 1890s, to a work created in 2006 by chiseling, drilling, sanding and assembling circuit boards, the artwork in "Honouring Tradition" celebrates the richness and complexity of the ongoing stories of the Indigenous people in this region.

These artists, whether traditional or contemporary, honour the importance of community, the connection to land and place and the tradition of storytelling.

Matoska Trading Company:
This is a nice book cataloging a number of items from the Glenbow. It's a nice mix of antiquities and contemporary art. Some of the vintage items include pipebags, ledger art, elk antler hide scraper, quilled buckskin coat, and more.

151 pp ~ illustrated 2008



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ISBN: 9781895379
CATEGORY: Material Culture
November 2008
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