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Porcupine Quilled Bison Horn Spoon - Chris Ravenshead Porcupine Quilled Bison Horn Spoon - Chris Ravenshead

A superbly carved and quilled horn spoon. The spoon is carved from black bison (buffalo) horn and quilled in a traditional manner using the porcupine quill wrapping method. Quillwork is in white, red, and faded green. Note the very fine carved bird head at the end of the spoon. The entire spoon is made from a single piece of horn, the bird head being made from the horn tip. Porcupine quill-wrapped native tanned buckskin drops in matching red, and green with red feather fluffs finish the piece. Chris Ravenshead is renowned master quillworker. Non-native made.

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9999-032-002  One-Size  $325.00 


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