White Bear Records
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White Bear Records™

White Bear Records™ is a trademark of Matoska Trading Company, Inc. This label was created to publish and distribute the Lakota ceremonial music of David Swallow, Jr. in 2005. Our first release was Inipi Olowan - Lakota Sweat Lodge Songs in August, 2005.  Wocekiye Olowan - Lakota Prayer Songs, was released in September, 2007.  Lakota Sundance Songs is planned for release in early 2008.

Matoska Trading Company, Inc. specializes in Native American craft supplies, botanicals, books, music, and other Native inspired merchandise. Please visit our main web site for a complete list of our products.

Our Logo

Our logo features a white bear standing in front a rock outcropping surrounded by natural vegetation. The white bear is a play on our corporate name, Matoska Trading Company, Inc. Matoska means "white bear" in Lakota. The logo is based on a Italian engraving by Innocente Allessandri which was published in 1771-1775 in the natural history book Descrizione delgi Animali.