Northern Plains childs knife case

Child's knife case
Northern Plains
late 19th c.

Northern Plains beaded awl cases

Awl cases
Northern Plains
late 19th c.

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As you browse our site, you will find links near various graphic elements which will lead you to more information on many different topics. To assist you in following links you may have missed, we have gathered them here for your convenience. You will also find many articles on craft techniques that we have written or acquired over the years. We hope you will find many of the useful and interesting.

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Porcupine Hair Roach
Porcupine Quilled Pipestem
Possible Bags


Native American craft techniques

Anyone who has been in the "hobby" for awhile soon discovers that there is a wealth of information out there on just about any Native American craft topic. Many articles and guides have been written. Most were handed out at Boy Scout meetings, powwows, and other gatherings. Rarely did anyone try to make any money publishing them and most were written to help out friends and other hobbyists. We have a substantial collection of these types of articles. We're not even sure where some of them came from. We wrote some of the articles below and others were written by friends and acquaintances. We have no idea if any of the authors are enforcing their copyrights. If you wrote one of these articles and do not wish it to appear here, please let us know and we'll remove it. Also note that in some cases, the text varies somewhat from the original where we corrected spelling or typographical mistakes.

Beadwork Design - Sioux Style Pipebag
Porcupine Quillwork
The Porcupine & Porcupine Quillwork - By Pat Hartless
Sioux Style Lazy Stitch Beadwork - How to Do It
So, You Wanna Make - Simple craft instruction flyers


California Indian Hobbyist Association Indian Craft Series

The California Indian Hobbyist Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of Native American customs including craftwork, powwows, Hethuska, and other activities. In the 1970's and 1980's, the organization published a series of craft articles for their members. While styles change, the techniques presented are as valuable today as they were then. Most are not particularly detailed, but will give you a place to start in learning these crafts. We are pleased to present this collection of craft techniques for your use. Feel free to copy them and distribute them to others as you desire. The only limitation is that you may not package them for resale in anyway. These are CIHA's gift to the public.

Two-Ribbon Bindings #1006 by Jerry Smith
Metalworking Techniques - Piercing #1007 by Jerry Smith
Peyote Beadwork #1008 by Jerry Smith
Old Style Bustles #1 #1009 by Craig Stone
Northern Plains Cloth Dresses #1009 by Rosemary Lessard
Women's Southern Plains Breastplate #10 by Marcia Ash (Risdon)
Northern Women's Breastplate #11 by Terry Bousquet
Ribbon Shirt #1013 by Jerry Smith
Northern Women's Chokers #1014 by Terry Bousquet
Beaded Pipe bags #1015 by Ron Clanton
Sioux Style Lazy Stitch
(later printed in Moccasin Tracks - Reprinted above)
#1019 by Steve Nimerfro
Sioux Beadwork #1020 by Chuck Bousquet

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